Jesus Burgers Are Back

By Derika Brendsel on Sep 30, 2009 | Category: | Comments

The familiar Friday night barbeque is on, now making its home on Saturdays. Like in previous years, the weekly outreach will feature a bonfire, opporunities to build relationships, and, of course, the famous Jesus burgers. A ketchup-and-mustard burger never tasted so good.

IVSOD students, campus ministries and believers across Isla Vista and Santa Barbara are invited to join in the movement that is impacting a community through prayer and an edible gift given in the name of Christ.

Veteran grill-master Joseph Granado (now a married man--whoop whoop) is returning with the help of DP House alumni Ryan Goepfert who will be leading the prayer/worship time (aka The Upper Room) and worship leader Mac Montgomery.

If you want to pray, worship, fellowhship, share your faith, make friends, or just satisfy your curiosity, meet us in the prayer shed on Saturday at 8:00pm and in the front yard at 10:00.

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